Sunday, March 21, 2004

Mowing them down, agreeably

Blissblog points us to Mr. Agreeable. Check out the Reaper series.

While I winced through the Miles Davis entry, I actually agreed with a lot of his screed against Songs in the Key of Life (yes, I do realise that the columns aren't necessarily sincere).

Mundane ballads like “Summer Soft” and “As” take an agonising age to fade out, with Wonder shifting up endlessly through the keys as the listener looks on despairingly like waiters stacking chairs waiting for the last diners to quit yapping, down their cold coffees and sod off.

I've thought exactly the same. While I can understand a 90s (or 00s) disaffection for "Black Man"'s educational approach, it probably sounded a lot different in the mid-70s. Even today, I'm interested in finding out about figures such as le Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Then again, I've never found Wonder the most nimble lyricist. I've been thinking about writing something about his "electro-classical" pieces ("Village Ghetto Land," the fantastic "They Won't Go When I Go" from Fulfillingness' First Finale) for a while now, maybe I should get 'round to it.

I found Mr. A's take on Billy Elliot is quite enoyable, but maybe that's because I haven't seen the film.