Monday, March 15, 2004

Citizen Jazz Update

A raft of new CJ articles and the first update I've been in charge of. I'll be in charge of the next few as well.

My contributions:

Polar Bear - Dim Lit: a GREAT album by the English quartet. But don't take my word for it: listen on their website and order it from their label.
Jambangle - Rememberance: a modern Belgian big band, that has a Gil Evans/Maria Schneider influence as its premise, then adds in a bunch of other things. Ends with a nice remix/electronic manipulation of the opening track. A worthwhile album.
Alain Cupper - Bunga: boringly standard-issue hard bop (and not even top-notch, at that), made only marginally more interesting by the fact that the leader plays baritone.
Hilde Vanhove/Quantize: concert review, in which I discovered a few new interesting musicians.

Of course, these are all in French, but you can "translate" them with Babelfish. I use the double quotes because "composer" comes out "type-setter." The result is often barely comprehensible, but for you hardcore Mwanji fans out there, its the literary equivalent of toilet-audio live bootlegs.