Monday, July 31, 2006

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Eskelin w/Parkins & Black Concert Videos on-line...
Just posted a number of concert videos of the band from our 2001
European tour appearance in Barcelona, Spain. They are available for
free streaming at google video. Included are:

1. One Great Day...

2. T64K37B

3. Paris Swallowtail / Nymphaliadae

4. India

5. Mediation

The Barcelona video was professionally shot by a crew with several
cameras and artfully edited. For best sound I would suggest using
headphones or listening on a good set of speakers as opposed to the
small ones in your computer. Thanks to Arco y Flecha for the

Also included are a couple of 1999 out-takes of Eskelin & Parkins from
the film "Off the Charts - The Song Poem Story" by Jamie Meltzer.

6. "Yummy Yummy Dum Dum" (version one)

7. "Yummy Yummy Dum Dum" (version two)

This selection is from our 1996 CD "Green Bermudas" (eremite). Thanks
to Jamie for the use of these clips.

Lastly is a trailer from the band's 2004 DVD "On the Road..." narrated
by my son Rami Eskelin. I probably should have made this trailer at
the time of the DVD release but better late than never, eh?

8. DVD trailer

Upcoming recording by the band...
Since the 2004 release of the band's last recording, "TEN", we've
accumulated quite a bit of new music. So this past spring during our
European tour we took a couple of days to record in one of France's
finest studios, "la Buissonne" in Avignon. The result will be "Quiet
Music", a double CD package set for release in October on my own label,
prime source. In addition to myself, Andrea Parkins and Jim Black we
are joined by vocalist Jessica Constable and keyboardist Philippe Gelda
on selected tracks.

There will be a more detailed newsletter to follow in October upon the
release of "Quiet Music". In the meantime, the web site is always
updated with upcoming appearances and tours:

As always, recordings can be obtained from the site:

Next appearance by the band...

Ellery Eskelin w/ Andrea Parkins & Jim Black

55 Bar
55 Christopher Street
New York City
Sunday, August 13th / two sets at 10 pm

if you're in NYC then please stop by...

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