Wednesday, July 05, 2006

news from the fringe

Is it just me, or is this article incredibly condescending?

None of these 12 [composers], I think, will ever have festivals devoted to them. Their chances of big commissions by major symphony orchestras or opera houses are equally dim. (...)

Posterity does not beckon. There may be no entries in future music encyclopedias. Scholars will not pore over their techniques or the cultural contexts of their lives. Yet these composers are obviously devoted to their work, and to one another's work as well. A lot of them know exactly what they are doing. How high they aspire I don't know. I hope their aspirations are more on the order of personal satisfaction and the collegiality of fellow artists than of fame. (emphasis mine)


Sean Murphy Ortega, aka Jack Reilly, comments on this thread:
What is it with you liberal freaks? Can't you accept another viewpoint and that it's ok to create a pen name? For openers, try Voltaire then jump to Eric Blair.

Petranich is a journalist's journalist, but you wouldn't have a clue to what real journalism is, you're to busy praising yourselves and the Taj Google.

Such prittle prattle. You'll be reading about yourselves in the next A.C. book.

Always nice to hear from him, even if I have no idea what the A.C. book is or what praising Taj Google means.