Friday, September 21, 2007

ironic excellence

On the other hand, if improvisation really is "composition without the benefit of an eraser," then composition is probably improvisation without the benefit of an audience.
- Jazz: The Music of Unemployment, A most peculiar paradox
Excellence is what matters, and the reason why doors to concert halls and opera houses should be opened wider is so that the message can be shouted more loudly. More people should be encouraged to make their minds up. Music isn’t there to be lapped up by some supine audience like a doctor’s potion; it is there to be tasted and assessed, and no one who cares about it should avoid the responsibility of making a judgment.
- James Naughtie, "Classics For The Masses"
Jazz musicians have been doing ironic covers since the very beginning.
- Darcy James Argue, Irony, man