Monday, September 17, 2007

i love you with your bib on, baby

Sometimes Ethan [Iverson] has an idea for something he’s heard recently—and he has no sentimental attachment to it. There’s none of that “Oh man, I danced to that at the prom.” He’s got none of those feelings, so he approaches everything like, “Hmmm, Kurt Cobain liked to use open fifths, just like Stravinsky does.”
- Dave King, interviewed by Paul Olson
[What I love about this quote is the use of past tense for Cobain and present tense for Stravinsky in the last sentence. Might have been accidental. Go read the whole interview, though, it's fantastic.]
When Jazz is the subject there always seems to be an argument for the value of ignorance.
- Wynton Marsalis, in My Favorite Things, Wynton
If seeing Wilco live was cooking a meal, it would be like making a big pot of stew or sauce; starting off with a few ingredients, simmering, sauteing, adding spices, and eventually bringing the whole thing up to a boil, the sum of its parts creating a greater whole.

I'm more accustomed to rock shows that are more akin to cooking lobster: you start off with a pot of boiling water, throw in live creatures that squirm and submit, leading to a decadent feast of meat dipped in butter. A meal that requires a bib.
- Soundslope, Wilco, Millennium Park, 9/12/2007