Saturday, September 01, 2007

fly on the wall

On [Money Jungle], as on so many other great jazz recordings, the possibility of failure is tangible, and the participants don't seem interested in concealing it: the result is not artful, it is art.
- Jazz: The Music of Unemployment, A Little Max
Ms. [Geri] Allen [is] a member of the first jazz generation to encounter the avant-garde as something other than an insurrection. At 50, she is roughly two decades younger than Mr. [Reggie] Workman and Mr. [Andrew] Cyrille, and roughly a dozen years younger than Mr. [Oliver] Lake: the right age to have absorbed free improvisation as a thread in the canvas of jazz tradition.
- Nate Chinen reviews Trio 3 + Geri Allen
But particularly cozy to my cardiac is Toronto sax-and-buckets, ecstatic-jazz duo Feuermusik... I suspect that for many judges it was their first time hearing F'musik... a real testament to how captivating their Coltrane-on-a-skateboard sound is.
- Zoilus, Look at this Showroom, Full of Fabulous Prizes
(Vote Feuermusik!)
I can’t escape the academic calendar; every time I try to recenter myself to a January-is-the-beginning it backfires.
- Nico Muhly, Fuel