Friday, September 29, 2006

mr. bo is in the house, tbp are in the can and ww is in your face

I've just found out about Brian Olewnick's blog, Just Outside. If you've been reading Brian's writings at All Music, Bagatellen, Jazz Corner or elsewhere, you'll already know how great he is. If not, check out his thoughts on eai's use of pop songs, the smelliness of the No Fun Festival or the pros and cons of Ukrainian wedding bands. Brian's review of McCoy Tyner's Sahara is what made me get that great album.


The Bad Plus have recorded their next album. If this summer's concert is any indication, it will be great (and will the criticisms fade now that the Columbia-fuelled hype has?).


I haven't read it, but Wilbur Ware-ophiles may be interested in this doctoral thesis: AT ONCE OLD-TIMEY AND AVANT-GARDE: THE INNOVATION AND INFLUENCE OF WILBUR WARE by Karl Erik Haddock Seigfried.