Sunday, September 24, 2006

debating prizing blogging

UPDATE: Darcy schools me on Colbert in the comments. I'm perhaps not the only one to have missed the sarcasm.

Ornette Coleman: debated by Darius Brubeck, talks with Ben Ratliff.

Sound Grammar still has not reached Belgian shores, shockingly.


Regina Carter and John Zorn win MacArthur grants. Colbert comments, resurrects the old "I could do that" argument, ironically proves that he couldn't. I wonder if someone there was hip to Zorn or if they simply picked a recent CD at random. I'm leaning towards the latter. What really puzzles me, though (because "noisy free jazz: not popular" is not exactly news), is how anyone could find deep sea exploring boring.


Young Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan wins Monk Competition. A Citizen Jazz colleague has been raving about Tigran for about a year now, calling him "THE jazz pianist of the next 30 years."

In his report, Ben Ratliff rightfully shoots down "the glib encomiums paid to [jazz]:" "No art should have to live up to such clichés." Indeed.


Trumpeter Kris Tiner has a good blog. The discussion of jazz textbooks and his addition and substraction of electronics from his trumpet are of particular interest. [via Don't Explain]