Wednesday, September 27, 2006

brax in bxl

I don't usually do gig announcements, but four days of Anthony Braxton in a Brussels bar is worth an exception:

Anthony Braxton Quartet
plays standards

23,24,25 & 26th november 2006 at 09pm

Anthony Braxton : saxophones
Alessandro Giachero: piano
Antonio Borghini: double bass
Cristian Calcagnile: drums

Doors open at 08 pm

Price: 15 €
Student (- 26 years old): 10 €
Four-day pass: 40 € (Student: 35 €)

Ticket on sale at PP Café from October 1

28, rue Jules Van Praet - 1000 Bruxelles

Organisation & press contact :

It's also in the calendar on the right. Speaking of which, does the blog seem slower to load, to you?