Thursday, May 11, 2006

a thing to make and do

Make your own own mash-up: "Mary Had A Little Lamb sung to the tune of House Of The Rising Sun (try it, it works)" - Suggested by Billy Bragg via Screwlooseum!


Jack Reilly............. he's now taken his show on the road, first stop: Jazz Corner. Pull quote:

the one mis-spelling in the letter of Europeans (Euro-peons) was definately a pun intended and indeed, a Freudian slip even though Jack is a convert to a Jungian view of conciousness. The conversion is not unlike Jack prefering Dave McKenna over Misha Mengleberg!

An intentional Freudian slip followed by a non sequitur? Jack Reilly is not only fast becoming not only an indispensable jazz writer, but also jazz's (thankfully less dangerous) George Bush.