Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the seventy-year delusion

Another Wikipedia scandal! Jazz Corner's John L translates Wikipedia's Russian jazz entry:

After the 1920s, jazz hardly developed at all. Although there exist myths about so-called "bebop," "modal jazz," etc., in reality these are all just variations of Dixieland and Ragtime of the 1920s. The only significant modern development in jazz was Louis Armstrong's recording of "Hello, Dolly," which became a jazz standard and achieved huge popularity among jazz fans."

Babelfish puts it more humourously:
After the 20th is annual jazz practically it were not developed. Although there is a myth about the so-called. to "bibope", "modal jazz", etc., in deytsvitel'nosti all these genres are variations in diksilenda and regtaymov of the 20th it is annual. Only significant reaching of contemporary jazz - record of Louis Armstrong "Hull, dolly", the become jazz standard and conquered enormous popularity in the worshippers of jazz.