Tuesday, May 02, 2006

first born again

Fans of Bilal's "First Born Second" shouldn't be disappointed by the new tracks posted on MySpace. "Somethin To Hold On" is good, fairly straight-forward post-JayDee/Kanye West r'n'b, but "You're All I Need" is sugary r'n'b with an unexpected dollop of sparse dissonant piano, "High And Dry" turns Radiohead into sweet jazzy soul and on "Make Me Over" Bilal dips into a Parliament-esque bag of funny voices and stinging guitars. Every song ends up in a different place than it began, which is nice, nowadays.


I understand that those of you who don't know French haven't been reading Yvinek's blog, but now he's on MySpace too.


While you're there, why not check out Brazilian-guitarist-in-France Nelson Veras, too?