Thursday, June 10, 2004

Technocrati expands my worldview

Being the ego-centric bastard that I am, I checked my Technocrati linkage and came across a couple of new blogs.

What I Like About...
This is a specific-project blog. The very first sentence I read there was This is not music that came from silence. How could one not continue reading after that opening? A few posts later, Isaac says:

The French knew swing even before the States were anything. Lully's band of string players answered the royal demand for dance tunes with enough elegance and motion to be remembered hundreds of years later. When we think about Jazz we must remember that it is not a simple fusion of African and European traditions. Because of Lully, I suspect the European contribution was not devoid of rhythm and I would not be surprised to learn that the African influence included pitch organization.

is josh roseman
If you're wondering "who?", Josh is a trombonist. I've seen him play once with the Dave Holland Big Band. He has a relatively new CD out called Treats for the Nightwalker, which is just as intriguingly weird as his blog. It's a rather good album, with a massive rotating cast, groovy, fusiony at times (but never overwrought) and richly orchestrated, intricate without being overly intellectual. Kind of like Steve Coleman reading pulp on the beach. There's plenty of audio on the blog too.