Saturday, June 19, 2004

Eric, Eric, wherefore art thou, Eric?

Well, the Coltrane documentary will have served at least two purposes, this being the second.

While I admire (really) Marcello's ability to diss jazz musicians (or specific contributions) like they're pop musicians, it's hard not to say something about my man Booker. But let's stick to the positive. Eric Dolphy + Charles Mingus, but how can you leave out "Stormy Weather"? October 20, 1960, Mingus and Dolphy alone together (almost), making some of the most soulful, heart-rending sounds ever. I love it because it shows how Dolphy, without straying too far from the in he Parker lineage, could be one of the purest, most imaginative and most powerful carriers of emotion in all of jazz. Contrast with Curson's brief incursions: right away, you hear playing, you hear blue notes. Mingus and Dolphy aren't carrying that baggage.