Wednesday, June 16, 2004

he heard my cry

So, Benny Golson's in a film? Spielberg probably also has Moanin' sitting on a shelf.

Ratliff muses: You've possibly written more standards than any other living jazz composer.

How many would that actually be, ten? a half-dozen? It's kind of depressing. As for other contenders to that title, Wayne Shorter comes to mind, but who else? Chick Corea? Pat Metheny? Herbie Hancock? Would it be safe to say that their generation (around 60) is the last to have composed new jazz standards? I'm a fan of Dave Holland's compositions, but they don't seem to have caught on, despite his being around the same age as the above-named. Do people play Marsalis (B. or W.), Dave Douglas and other 40-ish leading lights get their compositions played?