Wednesday, May 19, 2004

One Vengeful Note

Olaf Stötzler - Colours Of Sinai
the music is also unsatisfyingly cold, distant and too often lifeless.

Pretty vicious, huh? I'm not sure if this disc in particular deserves it, any more than a number of discs I've felt very lukewarm about but didn't really lash out at, but so be it. I feel more detached from the CDs I review for OFN, which I guess is the case, geographically (US and... German discs, mainly), procedurally (as the discs are routed through Scott Hreha and my e-mail) and emotionally (I'm less involved in OFN than in Citizen Jazz). My e-mail isn't even on the site, so I'm a bit immune to retaliation (although a quick Google search will rapidly yield an address).