Monday, May 17, 2004

For a Fistful of Points

So, Belgium's Xandee crashed from the fantasy-land of the bookies' top 5 to the cold shower reality of next-to-last, equal to Ireland's 7 points and above only Norway's desolate 3 points (generously awarded by neighbours Sweden). I found this crash'n'burn routine hilarious; Belgian girlfriend was dismayed: "They voted for Poland? Poland sucked!"

Leather'n'fur-clad Xena-alike Ruslana and her highly excited minions from Ukraine's upper steppes took the much-coveted prize. In their song, "Wild Dance" or some such, they shout at "Hey!" at one point, which is cool but not as cool as Pharrell Williams shouting the same on "She Wants to Move."

My personal favourite was Deen for Bosnia & Herzegovina, whom I had seen during the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the video clip on the Eurovision website doesn't convey the wonderful take ya mama out to the gay bar disco boy-prince campness of his performance.

I only saw the second half of the point distribution because of the Jazz Marathon, but I kinda wish I had stayed home and watched the whole thing.