Monday, May 31, 2004

One Final Note Update

Tim Green - Jeannie's Song
This one was actually put online several days ago, but I had missed it.

Is the boredom seeping through? I picked this one up because I thought it was by Tim Green, the New Orleans saxophonist... For some reason, I'm not very lucky in my OFN album assignments. Apart from Joel Frahm's Don't Explain, I can't think of another disc OFN's sent me that I really liked. However, this time things are looking up: Louis Sclavis's Napoli's Walls is very good fun, Dave Rempis's Out of Season seems promising and Tomasz Stanko's Suspended Night (which I didn't get through OFN, but which I'll review for them, I guess, since Citizen Jazz already has a review of it) is excellent.