Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Paris Transatlantic

Paris Transatlantic is a webzine based in Paris (duh) but written in English (hence the "transatlantic," I suppose) and overseen by Dan Warburton (often seen in the columns of The Wire, if I remember correctly). PT covers contemporary music, avant-jazz, -improv and -electronica. Of particular interest to the jazz fan is the long Sunny Murray interview, which apparently caused quite a stir when it was published.

This month's editorial is a funny rant: after discussing journalists trading off excess promo CD copies (something I've never done, but I'm far from deluged by CDs), Warburton says

To combat such blatant abuses of the promo copy system, poor, cash-starved little cottage industry labels like Columbia have recently taken to sending out CDRs as promos instead of the real article. I've just received a promo copy of James Carter's Gardenias For Lady Day, with no information whatsoever on the disc or the plain black sleeve about who's playing, when / where it was recorded, and apparently I can't even play it on my computer, as it's copy protected, whatever that means. Talk about paranoid.. If you'll pardon my French, I'll be fucked if I'm going spend any time surfing on the Columbia website for information about this disc, and if they seriously expect me to spend any time reviewing it, they can kiss my hard drive. Am I really supposed to believe that Columbia can't afford a few bob to send out a few real copies?