Monday, November 03, 2003

Nostalgia - already?

JanetI'm driving back from the Polar Bear interview, Janet Jackson's "That's the Way Love Goes" comes on and I find myself enjoying it far more than I should, singing along and digging the mid-90s production. Has nostalgia hit already? How can I avoid this? I really don't want to end up enjoying crappy music for old time's sake. I have a nightmarish vision of myself, 20 years down the line, getting on the dance-floor to do "The Macarena" as memories of my youth flash by (not that I ever actually did the macarena, mind you).

I actually have "Janet," or should I say, had it, as I have no idea where the album may be at the moment: I took it out of the main body of my collection and set it aside after a second-hand shop refused to accept it. I'd fish the album out, but the last time I saw it was several houses ago, so who knows where it may be now...