Saturday, June 02, 2007

marathons and quacks

In an upside-down-world turn of events, I caught part of the Eurovision Song Contest (which, against all odds, every manages to be as full of wonderfully bizarre and inexplicable schlock as ever), but missed the Brussels Jazz Marathon. Luckily, Jazzques was there and has a comprehensive three part report.


Rhodri has spun a characteristically hilarious story out of a brief Brussels getaway. I'm sad not to have been able to meet him, but I was busy painting my office.

I'm a little surprised/sad at the news that Kwak beer has abandoned the wooden stand, am on the non-fan side of the Gueuze divide, refute that it is difficult to find a cash point in Brussels (you just have to know where to look) and have yet to see the Timm's woman, but she seems to be part of a current spate of befuddling advertisements.