Saturday, June 02, 2007

jazz and blogs #16

Nels Cline
Lately, the guitarist has been writing about the tracks on his upcoming album, Draw Breath and also wrote about his previous Andrew Hill CD. Draw Breath is an excellent guitar trio album, by the way.

Crypto Musings
Cryptogramophone, the label releasing Draw Breath has its own blog, one very much worth visiting (also see their MySpace page). The IndieJazz store attached to Cryptogramophone is also worth visiting, as it carries interesting CDs from various labels and sells them at the price they should be sold. I saw Cline's New Monastery at the FNAC for 19 euros, but ordering it by itself from IndieJazz works out to around 16 euros, and that's including the $6 overseas shipping for the first item (it's $2 for every additional item, which in my case was Hill's A Beautiful Day). As an added bonus, you can be sure more of the money is going into the musicians' and labels' pockets.

Wall of Sound
In-depth, high-quality essays. The first part of the large and still ongoing series of David Murray posts here is particularly interesting.

C'est génial qu'il y ait d'autres gens qui aillent à des concerts ici, en Belgique, et en parlent sur leur blog. D'ailleurs, je vois qu'on va souvent aux mêmes. Bienvenue, Nath!

Le plus grand magazine de jazz français entre enfin de le 21e siècle, avec un site et un blog.

Brett Sroka/Ergo
Not the most active of musician blogs, but the trombonist's Ergo band is good contemporary electronic jazz.

104 Weeks
Matthew Wengerd, bassist who's just finished his first year of graduate school at the University of South Florida. If you've ever wondered what a bass being repaired looks like, see Matthew's here.

Brewing Luminous
Starting a full-album free jazz MP3 blog seems to be a must-do thing right now, perhaps because no-one in the genre has enough money to sue you. Brewing Luminous continues what can now be considered the tradition of naming such blogs after classic albums.

Jazz Fusion TV
Videos and live bootlegs.