Wednesday, December 06, 2006

jazz blog glossary

Terms that have no meaning outside the jazz blogosphere, or a very specific meaning within it.


Short-hand for the project of ressurrecting the creative jazz of a period widely considered jazz-deprived (1973-1980) or conservative (1980-1990).
Unwittingly launched when Ethan Iverson drew up an extensive annotated list of recordings from that period.
Additions poured in. Three volumes of reader contributions as well as two follow-ups were posted on Do The Math.
Rejoinders from around the web were compiled by visionsong.
The wiki-style Ear Of The Behearer became the projects permanent home in December 2006.
Nate Chinen's "In the Blogosphere, an Evolving Movement Brings Life to a Lost Era of Jazz" brought the movement to the world.


Stands for "crazy, experimental freedom."
Long version first used by Dave Douglas in an interview with Mike Zwerin.
Abbreviation coined by be.jazz.
The philosophical underpinnings of CEF werequestioned by It Is Not Mean If It Is True (Attack Attack Attack), following comments to a be.jazz post.
The term was subsequently clarified and contextualised by Dave Douglas.