Tuesday, December 05, 2006

jazz and blogs #11

Surviving The Crunch
One can barely move for blogging musicians nowadays, but our arms are always open. Especially as the ranks of blogging improv accordeonists are pretty thin. STC is Ted Reichman, whom I know mainly through his association with John Hollenbeck (Claudia Quintet, Large Ensemble) and saw in Chris Speed's Yeah/No almost 3 years ago. If you don't know Hollenbeck, there can be no better introduction than the video in this post, which blows my mind on multiple levels.
[via Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches]

Jazz Frisson, MP3s, videos and discussion from Québec.

Stephen Haynes, yes, yet another trumpeter.


thirteen ways
The blog of string quartet eighth blackbird. Chickens (both metaphorical and literal) should avoid this post.