Monday, October 18, 2004

Stefano Di Battista - Parker's Mood
Stefano Di Battista, Italian alto and soprano saxophone player, necrophiliac. I pour plenty of French-language vitriol on this one, but really, one has only to read Blue Note's promo material to see how vile this album is. And yet, I've only seen positive reviews so far, praising Di Battista's skills, humility and whatever, which is equally horrifying.

Bruno Vansina - Trio Music
Bruno Vansina, Belgian alto and soprano saxophone player. It could be that I'm just standing up for the little guy, or that I've met Vansina and not Di Battista, or that I just like one more than the other. Still, if jazz fans can't tell the difference between Vansina's "Dear Old Stockholm" and Di Battista's "Embraceable You," then we deserve our fate.