Sunday, September 30, 2007

mistaken identities

While I was in the city I tried to take advantage of the other great aspects to being in New York- by... buying records (in one shop, after picking out Peter Brötzmann's, "Full Blast," among my selections, the gentleman managing the store suggested that I might be interested in the new Sonore album, "It's got Brötzmann with Vandermark and Gustafsson." I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was one of the guys he was referring to and the saxophonist on the poster for "Musician" taped to the wall by my head next to the cash register. Better to nod at the suggestion, take my albums, and walk out before I started to laugh.
- Ken Vandermark, Notes From The Field Sep 20, 2007
[John Coltrane's "Dearly Beloved"] is like the current ballad paradigm--no steady pulse, just a miasma of tone and a soloist sort of fighting to stay afloat.
- Hank Shteamer, "Promises" Kept // Thunderkiss '65
At one point, the blonde wig guy climbed a mound of dirt next to a construction site, dragging a wooden barrier up with him. He threw it off and broke it, and then he ran down the street yelling: "We're so getting in trouble!" Immediately afterward, he ran right past an idling police car; the two cops inside either didn't see him throwing the barrier or just didn't care. This was Williamsburg, after all; it's tough to imagine a single neighborhood on the planet where an ironic art-kid brass-band parade would cause less of a stir.
- Status Ain't Hood, Live: The Black Lips Are Dumb