Thursday, February 15, 2007

jazz and blogs #14

Good discussion, links and videos.

the hotel pianist
[Great while it lasted (maybe you can still catch the rss)] Cocktail jazz's answer to Jeremy Denk? A sample of thp's incisive wisdom:

(Later, I wondered, was John Cage the original hotel pianist? He had the imagination to compose a piece in which the audience is the soloist. That is the exact description of the music of the hotel pianist.)
A great (and unprecedented?) combination of music and office gossip. [via Rifftides]

Bay States
Some politics, too, but Chris Rich discusses a lot of jazz issues from the point of view of a grizzled jazz scene mover 'n' shaker.

Jazz in Chicago
Podcast interviews with musicians from Chicago and beyond.

Tom Hull - on the web
Professional jazz critic. The Jazz Prospecting series provides insight into his work methods. Seems like a bit of a grind. I like the term "the cutting edge of the not-so-avant-garde," which I generally call "progressive."

Jazz Chronicles
Jazz writer James Hale [via Nate]

Jeff Parker's MySpace blog
Not a lot of posts, but some interesting ones.

Lulu's Back in Blog
Line-drawings as song illustrations. My favourite.

Critica de musica
Álvaro Teixeira. There's an "automatic translation" link at the end of each post, but it's even harder to read than the original Portuguese.