Sunday, July 08, 2007

shop 'til you drop

I'd like to make a special recommendation of Indie Jazz, the online store attached to the Cryptogramophone label. A little while ago, I ordered a couple of CDs from them: Nels Cline's New Monastery and Andrew Hill's A Beautiful Day.

When the package arrived, instead of Cline's album, I found Myra Melford's The Image Of Your Body. Things could have been worse, but it still wasn't quite what I wanted. I wrote an email asking what I should do about it, already dreading having to find time to go to the Post Office and mail the CD back. All of six minutes(!) later, I got an answer: keep the Melford, we'll send you the Cline at no charge. Now that's what I call customer service.

All three CDs are worthwhile, by the way.


Swiss retailer DiscPlus is offering 30% off on its HatHut stock through July. The shipping costs are a little high, but individual CD prices reach as low as 6.61 Swiss francs.