Thursday, April 12, 2007

radical in shepp's clothing

Visionsong has a Dave Holland/Chris Potter duo concert review with an appraisal of Potter far more interesting and credible than my own.


The Bad Plus's EPK for Prog is up on YouTube. It opens with the amazing "Physical Cities" and closes with David Bowie's "Life On Mars," done in (to take Here Are The Vistas reference points) blow-it-apart "Heart of Glass" mode rather than wink-wink-nudge-nudge "Smells Like Teen Spirit" mode. I prefer the former, anyway. It also features as-funny-as-ever commentary.

Maybe I'm tainted by the knowledge of TBP's oft-professed love for Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden and influenced by having just listened to The Belgrade Concert (with Haden, Redman and Blackwell), but I couldn't help but think that there was a definite link between the two bands. The drummers' explosions on quieter tunes and rocking beats, for example. And the way Coleman uses the violin on "Rock The Clock" is just like a rock guitarist adding a layer of static/noise for atmosphere, providing a somewhat indirect rock-oriented connection.

If, like me, you're convinced, you can pre-order Prog here.


The Financial Times review of Ben Sidran's massive interview box set contains the amusing phrase "radical academics like Archie Shepp."


Q-Tip is taking it to the people: see his "Release Kamaal The Abstract" petition.