Monday, February 20, 2006

belgium: 7 points

Kate Ryan - "Je t'adore" is our Eurovision 2006 entry. It's very Eurovision-y and to me sounds like a dance remix of a Texas song. Watch it. I love the two upwards-heading chords on the chorus. It was part of the three songs (out of the seven finalists) I found acceptable (the other two being more "urban:" Brahim's "POWER," which was wild and kind of had a reggaeton beat to it and Kaye Styles's LL Cool J-style love rap "Profile," which featured some cool backing vocals arrangement), so I can't complain. Ryan is pretty well-known for her Mylène Farmer covers. In any case, the Flanders-appointed singer is a significant improvement over the dreadful balladeer Wallonia elected last year...

Of course, this makes it sound like I'm a rabid Eurovision watcher, but every year I somehow manage to miss it due to some other engagement, very much against my will.