Friday, December 09, 2005

jazz and blogs #4

Dave Douglas's Greenleaf Music
The first page is the blog, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Douglas created his own label and has built a ArtistShare-like model around it. You can buy official and less official music in CD or mp3 (albums or tracks at iTunes prices) formats, subscribe to get discounts and exclusives, listened to celebrity playlists. And the design is really nice. It seems like the online DIY route is becoming increasingly viable for people who aren't quite as famous as Prince. Chicago Creative Arts Online
mp3s, videos, podcast interviews, some free, some for-pay, at iTunes-style prices. Another really interesting concept, bringing lots of content from a part of the Chicago scene (Ernest Dawkins, Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Corey Wilkes...) to your computer, mp3 player and even phone!

Jazz Podcast Network
A handful of podcasts, often with a regional bent.

Laurent de Wilde
A well-known French pianist (he's also written a Monk biography). The link leads you directly to the blog, but also check out the main site's nice design.

Josh Roseman
I've noted this trombonist's blog before, but it seems to have become more accessible of late and continues to add audio.

Scratch My Brain
Trombonist Jeff Albert's blog. On his site, you can download his album "One," which is well worth your time.

Jake Hanlon
A guitar student at the University of North Texas, nice, extended thoughts on the learning process.

Journalist David Adler on jazz, politics (a Jewish-Conservative slant?) and links to his articles.

Talia is a non-profit label/events association run by Pierre Vaiana, a fantastic soprano saxophonist (L'Ame des poètes, Chris Joris Experience, Foofango...).

Tune Up
A new .be blog that's already making controversial statements ("always wondered what's so great about the BJO"). Always good to see more people discussing what's going on over here.

Jazz Podium
Dutch-language live reviews and nice photos. Check out the one of Solomon Burke in this post (click on it for a larger version).

The Daily Jazz
Discussion of classic albums.

WGBH Jazz Blog
A three-headed blog from the radio station's jazz department.

Miles Radio
Devoted to...

What's Cooking
Singer Yoon Sun Choi (not to be confused with singer Youn Sun Nah)

Jazz Envoy
Canadian jazz news

You might also want to keep an eye on AAJ's Jazz Blog Listing.