Friday, August 12, 2005

Jazz and blogs: an extension


The blogs keep on rolling in:

Don't explain (Nate Dorward. Need I say more?)
off-beater(mp3s, record business and Dutchness)
DevraDoWrite (Jim Hall's daughter)
jazz-not-jazz (lots of soul, too)
Armwood Jazz Blog (for copy-pasted interviews and news)
jazzofonikjamaica (it's all in the title)
St. Louis Jazz Notes (no need to apologise for geographic focus to be.jazz!)
redJazz (podcasting various shades of modern jazz)
erg's jazz and other blog (entrancingly minimal)
Jazz and Conversation (mp3 mixes)
Tim Postgate (another musician!)
Greg Hester Jazz
Jazz reviews (rather new, so who knows)
A Castle of my Dreams (musician)
Dino Dini (a singer/guitarist)
Mike Zwerin (not exactly a blog, but hey)