Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hnita Hoeve March-April concerts

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19/03/2004: David Becker Tribune

28/03/2004: Houston Person, Jesse Van Ruller & Rein de Graaf Trio
I've never seen any of these musicians, but I'll try to be there, as I've heard that Person is a great player with an old-school fat sound and soulful style.

30/03/2004: Jef Neve Trio
I probably won't be going up to this particularly show, but I most heartily recommend you do if you haven't seen Jef before. And even if you have! For my money, the most interesting pianist in Belgium today (yes, above Diedrik Wissels, Nathalie Loriers and, easily, Ivan Paduart. I'll admit that there are a few other good ones that I don't know too well).

02/04/2004: Alec Ilyine Quartet

05/04/2004: Polar Bear
Their second visit to the Hnita. I saw their first concert there and was blown away. They're performing in Brussels the day before, so I'll definitely be catching them there. Check out there album at their site and order it from their label. Don't let the low-tech sites fool you - Dim Lit is awesome, and very different from their live performance.

09/04/2004: Atachin