Friday, October 31, 2003

Junior Jazz - a Belgian jazz toddler?

On Jazz Forum there is an article (it's in Dutch) on a 14 year old girl singer who's just recorded an album of pop, jazz standards and bossa nova. She seemed happy to have done recording it, but is loathe to tell anyone about it, probably won't listen to it at home and doesn't really like jazz that much. Not that I hold it against her, I just find it funny to learn all these facts right at the end of a rather lengthy article.

Eline Van Coillie was noticed by the record company after being on a show called "Man bijt hond" (Man bites dog). Every day at the end of the show, an act has one minute of air time. People then vote by phone on whether or not they want that act to re-appear the next day.

The album is on Virgin Music Belgium, but as you can see, they're not exactly flush with info.

I didn't see her appearance on the show, but last time I watched there were men in liederhosen prancing around, as beer-maids looked on. It was impossible for me to tell if this was serious or a send-up. Can people seriously do that German liederhosen music thing? Really?